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Car Detailing Paisley


We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction,  We provide a very high quality service and that’s why most of our customers continue to use our services on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

We offer a range of services to suit individual needs whether it be just a simple wash, through to a full makeover.

Feel free to have a browse through our site and check out our very competitive prices.

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Detailing Packages

Stage 1 Valet


  • Fully vacuumed (inc boot)
  • Dash, console and door plastics buffed using Ez Sleek
  • Windows polished (interior and exterior) EZ Clarity 2.0
  • Door shuts cleaned (inc boot)
  • Carpets & boot infused with choice of scent
  • Custom FusionTint Air freshener Fitted


  • Pre-Rinsed
  • Vehicle Sprayed with Citrus pre-wash including agitation of gaps, crevices & grills with detailing brush 

  • Super Thick Snow Foam Applied

  • 2 bucket safe wash with PH Neutral shampoo 

  • Air Dried with BLO air dryer

  • Spray Gloss wax applied 

  • Buffed to shine 

  • Vehicles Windows sealed with Lotus Hydrophobic water repellent coating


  • Pre-/wash

  • Cleaned with Viper and soft wheel brush

  • Wheels coated in Iron Fallout Remover

  • Tyres dressed with EZ Slick

Cars from £35.00

Stage 2 Valet

As with Stage 1 Valet Plus

  • Full Exterior DeContamination process including
  • GTR –  All Glue and Tar Removed
  • Vehicle coated in Fallout remover – This reacts and lifts iron contaminants from paintwork and glass
  • Full Car is then Clay bar’d to remove any remaining contaminants leaving paintwork feeling like silk
  • Car then coated in eliminator for pre sealing paintwork
  • Paint work Hand sealed with “Granite” a durable paint sealant
  • Followed buy hand waxing the car in EZ flagship ceramic Si02 infused Wax

This offers unbelievable gloss  levels whilst leaving the the surface so slick, Water sheets and beads superbly.


Cars from £65.00

Gloss Enhancement Detail

As with Stage 2 valet Plus

Full Step one Machine Polish removing 70% of vehicle defects including –

  • Swirl Marks
  • Light scratches     
  • uneven Paint Defects
  • Restoration of faded paint

Effectively this will reveal a clean, new layer of paint giving your vehicles paintwork incredible shine and depth

Your car will then be finished with SB3 Nano sealant

Offering around 12 months protection ( on a well maintained vehicle )


Cars from £279.00

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We can also provide professional New car paint inspections

From £50 – Please contact us for further information

Or give us a call on: 0141 374 0366