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Vehicle Wrapping Paisley

If you are looking for a professional vehicle wrapping service in Paisley, then we have your back. Our team at Fusion Tint offer a high-quality vehicle wrapping service completely tailored to you. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of commercial vehicles we have things covered.

  • Cars Small to Large
  • Suv’s
  • Motorcycles
  • Vans


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Here you can see Our most recent vehicle wrapping projects We do not cut corners nor do we rush. Wrapping is an art that cant be undone. We use state of the art materials also tools to ensure we make the project perfect as possible.

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/01What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a process of covering a vehicle in a thin, malleable, adhesive vinyl. It is becoming increasingly popular for privately owned vehicles for colour change purposes.

/02How long does a wrap last for?

A vehicle wrap thats installed correctly can last upto 7 years.

/03Do I have to inform my insurance?

Yes is the right answer.

/04Does vehicle wrap cause damage?

Premium automotive films are designed to be removable. If your vehicle has original OEM paint, then installing and removing your vehicle wrap should not damage your paintwork.

/05Does the vehicle need prepping before wrapping?

It is important that we receive the vehicle in the best possible condition before it is brought to us

/06Can vehicle wrapping save money?

Due to the fact that vehicle wrapping can last for so long, it is more cost effective than other labour-intensive painting options.

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Colour change? Or require specific parts of your vehicle wrapped. We can help just send us a message and we will respond asap to discuss your options or call us 0141 374 0366.