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Bayliner 175GT Speedboat – 3 Year “Marine” Ceramic Coat

3 day project on this amazing Bayliner 175GT speed boat 🚣‍♀️
The boat was safe washed , fully chemical decontaminated then blo dried.
Exterior – Stage 1 Machine polished with a high speed rotary using SB3 correct and wool pads to remove surface scratches and chemical etching
The gelcoat was then refined using a DA polisher with SB3 finish ⚫️🔴⚫️🔴
The Boat was then panel wiped to remove any oils and polish residue, followed by 2 coats of SB3 MARINE ceramic coating the Hull, Gunwales, Starboard and port to give 3 years protection ( above water level ) 🌊
The Glass was also treated to 2 layers of SB3 “OPTIC” this product Greatly enhances visibility for windshield during rainy times. Optic Coating will makes windshield cleaning a lot easier. It will also make removing bugs faster and has amazing hydrophobic Properties 💦
Interior – Deep cleaned using PH neutral products followed by a steam clean including the leather seats 🧼
We then applied 2 coats of SB3 marine ceramic coating to the full interior of the boat to protect the gelcoat.
SB3 Marine was developed for those demanding the absolute best protection for their boat, jet ski, or anything that splashes some waves.
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