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Hydra Soap – Si02 Infused Polymer Shampoo



Hydra Soap is a Si02 infused shampoo that contains high gloss additives along with a sealing polymer that binds to the surface of the vehicle offering not only great protection but also fantastic gloss, all from a single shampoo.

The Polymers in Hydrasoap create a layer of protection on your vehicle’s surface, this increases your current LSP performance as well as its glossy appearance.


Features and Benefits:


  • Adds protection and Gloss with each wash
  • Self Drying
  • Polymer infused




Hydra Soap has a dilution ratio of 250:1

Add Hydra Soap to your wash bucket and agitate with pressured water to create a luxurious high foaming solution.

Wash your vehicle using your preferred wash routine, we recommend a two bucket method along with a EZ Wash Mitt or Pad to avoid swirling and marring your vehicle’s paintwork.


Detailers Tip:


Always ensure your wash buckets are maintained and cleaned after each use


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