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Sleek – Satin Interior Dressing & Cleaner


Sleek is a specially formulated interior cleaner and dressing. Sleek will not only clean but it will protect and dress in a satin finish all in one. Sleek provides that factory fresh feel to your vehicle’s interior leaving a very pleasant scent behind. Sleek works perfectly on plastics, vinyl and metal surfaces also, making this an incredibly versatile interior detailing product.


Features And Benefits


  • All in one cleaning performance
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Factory Fresh Finish


How To Use:


Spray Sleek onto your vehicles interior surface, spread the product around the surface with a EZ Korean microfibre cloth, flip and buff off to reveal the Factory finish you desire.

Spray sleek into a mircrofibre cloth and clean surfaces thoroughly, once all the dust and dirt has been removed buff to a factory fresh finish with a new mircrofibre.


Detailers Tip:


Spray directly onto the micorfibre cloth or applicator to avoid any potential overspray


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