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Eliminator – Paint Cleansing Panel Wipe


Eliminator is an advanced formulation that cleanses the surface and removes oils. Eliminator also removes polish residue from the paints surface. This is an extremely important step when sealing or applying waxes so that they can best adhere to the surface and create a protective barrier.

To get the most from any paint sealant or wax and create the perfect bond the vehicles surface needs to be free from oils, polish or even silicon residue.


Features and Benefits:


  • Removes surface oils
  • Breaks down polish residue
  • provides a perfect surface for waxes to adhere to

How to Use:


simply spritz onto a panel and wipe away with a microfibre cloth, flipping regularly.


Detailers Tip:


EZ 380GSM workhorse cloth makes the perfect tool for wiping away Eliminator residue


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