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Reigning Iron – Bleeding Iron Fallout Contaminate Remover


Reigning Iron is an advanced fallout remover formula that will remove iron contaminates from your paint work and wheel surfaces.

Reigning Iron will obliterate iron particles upon contact turning all contamination purple upon reaction. Reigning Iron is safe to use on all exterior surfaces including paintwork, trim, glass and wheels.


Features and Benefits


  • Fast Reacting Formula
  • Safe On All Surfaces

How to use:

Spray onto the affected surface liberally, any iron contaminates will be dissolved into a purple solution once the reaction has taken place thoroughly rinse the surface with pressured water.

When using for wheel cleaning, we recommend agitating reigning iron with a detailing brush to increase its superior cleaning ability.

Do not allow to dry on paintwork or wheels


Detailers Tip:


For best results use on a clean surface, after your wash process steps


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