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Insta Gloss – Concentrated Wax Additive



Instagloss is a concentrated wax additive designed purposely to achieve that instant waxed finish. Instagloss has been designed to be applied via your EZ Car Care snow foam lance for complete ease of use. Instagloss will form a hydrophobic barrier & significantly boost gloss levels in one application.


Achieve that instant waxed finish in no time at all!

Instagloss can also be used as a drying aid


Features and Benefits


  • Easy Application
  • Multiple Uses
  • Fantastic Drying Aid


How to use:


Application is achieved through a foam lance add 100ml of InstaGloss to the foam lance bottle then top up with 400ml of water.

Apply the product all over the vehicle’s surface and allow to dwell for a short time before pressure rinsing off.

do not allow to dry on the vehicles surface.


Detailers Tip:


Boost your shampoo by adding 100ml of InstaGloss into your wash bucket solution


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