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Nardo – Carnauba Cream Wax



Nardo, A Carnauba creme wax that we believe to be the ‘creme de la creme’ of all cream waxes!

Nardo boasts a grade A Carnauba content that provides outstanding results and with the addition of chemical resistant polymers helps to lock in that shine for a durable finish.


Features and benefits:


  • Easy application
  • Suitable for all paint colours
  • Fantastic beading properties


How To Use


Application is a dream, apply a few drops to an EZ applicator pad and apply to a clean vehicle one panel at a time.


Apply Nardo in thin coats with a cross-linking formation, up and down then side to side to ensure even coverage is achieved.


Allow Nardo to haze before removing with an EZ Korean microfibre buffing cloth.

During warmer periods do not allow the product to dry to a haze as maybe difficult to remove.


Detailers Tip:


Ensure the vehicle has been thoroughly decontaminated before use to achieve best results


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