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Rim – Temperature Resistant Hybrid Wheel Wax


Rim Wheel Wax is our latest wax creation from EZ. Hand Poured by us, Rim is a high temperature hybrid wax, meticulously blended with Carnauba, high temperature synthetic wax and multiple high concentrate polymers to create a wheel wax that can stand up to the high temperatures that wheels can reach.

Bright yellow in colour and with a sweet scent of Sherbet Lemon, this wax is soft and effortlessly spreads on and off with a 10-15minute cure time. Rim can protect your wheels for 4-6 months depending on usage, making them a breeze to keep clean without the use of strong wheel cleaners, a mild shampoo will be all that’s needed to keep them looking best.


Application is very easy, simply ensure wheels are free of contaminants and dry, apply a thin coat to all 4 wheels then remove with a microfibre cloth and buff to a lustrous shine and insane hydrophobic qualities. For added durability and results apply a second layer at your next maintenance wash or an hour after the first coat.


Size: 50ml


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