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Wheel Armour – Alloy Wheel Sealant Spray


Introducing Wheel Armour, an easy to use dedicated wheel sealant.

Wheel Armour will create a tight seal to your wheel surface and provide protection to your wheels from brake dust and contaminates from becoming baked onto the wheel surface, this making for a much easier wheel cleaning process. There will be no need for heavy wheel cleaners once protected with Wheel Armour, pressured water will provide enough cleaning power to bring your wheels back up to standard.


Features And Benefits:


  • Easier wheel cleaning process
  • Great Finish
  • 4 – 6 Weeks protection per application


How to use:


Clean and decontaminate wheels thoroughly before application

Apply Wheel Armour to the wheel surface, spread evenly with a microfibre applicator or cloth and begin to buff off with a clean Microfibre Cloth.


Detailers Tip:


Wheel Armour can be layered for additional protection.


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