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Geo Gel – Foaming Gel Based Wheel Cleaner



An advanced alkaline formulation that will cling to the wheel surface & create a foaming action when agitated with a detailing brush. Geo Gel wheel cleaner will remove road salts, dirt and grime with ease. Unlike a conventional liquid wheel cleaner, it will keep working for longer due to its gel formulation and clinging abilities. Safe on all wheels but, please test on an inconspicuous area first and do not allow to dry.


Features and benefits:


  • Long cling time
  • Strong alkaline, non caustic formula
  • Fantastic foaming ability


How to use:


Spray Geo Gel directly onto the wheel, alloy and short time to dwell and then agitate with a detailing brush to unlock its enormous foaming and cleaning capabilities. Once you have cleaned the wheel, rinse thoroughly with pressured water.


Detailers Tip:


Agitate Geo Gel with a detailing brush for best results.


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