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Viper – non Acid Alloy Wheel Cleaner



Viper is a non-acidic dilutable alloy wheel cleaner that’s guaranteed to destroy brake dust contamination, salts and general road grime. Viper packs a deadly bite whilst remaining safe on all wheel surfaces.

Team this up with our EZ detailing brush and agitate for an ultimate non-acidic wheel cleaner.


Features and Benefits


  • Dilutable
  • Non acidic
  • Safe on all wheel surfaces


How To Use:


Viper can be diluted up to 10:1 for general wheel cleaning use and neat if required.

Choose your dilution ratio of choice and spray liberally across the wheel surface, allow a short time for viper to get to work and pressure rinse off. For heavy or stubborn soiling work Viper into a cleaning frenzy with the aid of a detailing or wheel brush.

We recommend testing viper in an inconspicuous area first


Detailers Tip:


Don’t forget to clean behind the alloy spokes as these are often overlooked ,with the appropriate tool or dedicated Microfibre Mitt / Cloth


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